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All types of water heaters

Whether you have a gas, electric or tankless water heater, we can troubleshoot any problems affecting it and determine the best possible course of action. We're here for any repairs or regular maintenance.


Licensed and Insured

You can trust in a Master Plumber, who is completely licensed and insured.

Get the most out of your water heater

If your water isn't staying as warm as it should for as long as it should, then it's time to upgrade to a higher quality heater. Our locally owned plumbing business has been working on water heaters since 1987.

Understand manufacturers' warranties

We honor manufacturers' warranties on parts and products we have supplied. If parts are supplied by you, the customer, the warranty is your responsibility. We also won’t warranty our labor for any defective products supplied by clients.

If the water heater in your home is outdated, it is time to replace it with an efficient, newer model installed by Daystarr Plumbing.

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