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Repairing your damaged disposal

There could be many reasons why your garbage disposal or trash compactor needs to be repaired. It may simply won't turn on, or might be clogged or stuck. Sometimes, the motor might make a whirring noise but won't run.


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Troubleshooting garbage disposal issues

If your garbage disposal is backing up or clogged, or your trash compactor just won't open or close, call on our experienced technicians to determine what's gone wrong. You can count on our decades of experience.

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Daystarr Plumbing offers reliable plumbing services to residents of Loudoun, Fairfax and Arlington Counties, as well as the city of Alexandria. If your garbage disposal is on the fritz, don't waste your time. Contact us right away!

Get rid of any unwanted food, such as eggshells or vegetable parts, by chopping it up in a garbage disposal, professional installed in your sink by Daystarr Plumbing.

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